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Are the Glucose-Meters Competent Enough to Measure the Sugar Level Precisely?

In this day and age, there is a massive population all over the globe which has been diagnosed with different sorts of diseases, the majorly common one of which comprises of sugar-related problems, diabetes, heart problems etc. amongst the other main diseases.

Talking from the viewpoint of an unhealthy individual; in the effort of treating themselves, they generally develop a routine of swallowing medicines and going for check-ups recurrently. It is a persistent pattern of human beings to keep tracking their health levels and fitness. This trend is particularly provided a critical rating whilst an individual is sick.

Therefore, to keep tracking their levels of fitness, the pharmaceutical companies and other tech-focused establishments have manufactured and launched many metering medical gadgets to allow people to track their level of fitness along with the progress of their recovery.

Such a gadget that is presently available in the marketplace is the Glucose meter, which might be able to calculate and communicate the glucose concentration in the blood. In addition, there might be plenty of different meters to verify diverse parameters such as White Blood Cell, Insulin, Platelets, etc.

Whilst tracking the level of sugar in your body, for once at least, you might have suspected the meter’s performance. You should have supposed whether the meter is displaying or calculating the precise reading or is it just fooling you? To obtain a genuine answer to this query, you may read the compound research papers available on the web and comprehend nothing. Besides, you can continue going through this article further to comprehend the whole thing in layman language.

The definite truth behind the calculating mechanism set up in your home glucose meters is that it measures the level of glucose in the overall blood in the body, i.e. the blood that is coming out from your body. This blood includes a combination of red blood cells, plasma, platelets, white blood cells, etc. Therefore, the level of glucose calculated is, in fact, the sugar concentration in the blood along with the plasma.

However, there are many laboratory tests piloted for calculating the glucose content in the blood. They include an entirely different mechanism to calculate the level of glucose present in the blood of the human being. As per the lab tests, the level of glucose measured is solely of the sugar concentration existent in the RBCs.

Whilst the glucose meters at home are attuned to measure the level of glucose in solely plasma, the customary tests conducted in the labs are unlike the meters since they eradicate any type of deviation likely in the calculation of the level of blood glucose.

At the moment, you might be speculating what precisely is the reason behind this deviation. Therefore, to clear that doubt, here are a few reasons that build grounds for the variation:

Certain Causes of Inaccurate Blood Sugar Level Readings

Tuning of the glucose meters comprising the precision of the algorithm utilized for measuring the sugar levels in the blood;

  • The disparity in the concentration of enzyme available on the strip;
  • Variable accuracy levels and the calculation range of the glucose meter;
  • Nearby atmospheric surroundings;
  • The absence of appropriate awareness to utilize the meter

The factors that we have described above aren’t all the aspects accountable for this imprecision. In addition, we might also be liable for generating erroneous readings. This is since the sugar concentration is dissimilar in the blood drops that you squeeze out for calculating. The sugar concentration ultimately diminishes as ever more blood coming out.

To handle this difficulty, the meters in the laboratory comprise of a degree of inaccuracy of nearly ±4% about the genuine reading. This grade of error might diverge from a meter to another, which is the reason why diverse glucose meters generate dissimilar outcomes. For a few glucose meters, the strip quality is unlike, whilst for the others, the algorithm for measurement might be altered. Intrinsically, there isn’t any glucose meter which might not be able to claim or display the precise level of sugar available in your blood.

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