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A complete guide of Epilators benefits & how to use it

As you already know, the cost of shaving, waxing and depilatory creams can increase over the years. In addition, sometimes it is difficult to make room for all these methods of hair removal if you suffer the inconveniences of a very tight work schedule. In this way, if you feel that there are not enough days of the week to enjoy a hair removal, perhaps it is time for you to invest in a more durable solution.

The results that are obtained when doing electric hair removal at home, are the same as if you go to a beauty centre to make wax, you get a smooth skin and permanes if you hairs for at least two weeks or a month, depending on the type of hair that you have.

The electric epilators have a large set of clamps, which pull the hair from the root. This means that the hair grows thinner as you use the machine.

New technologies make it easier to perform electric hair removal at home, hair removal is effective and with a minimum of pain, the discs they incorporate are usually made of hypoallergenic ceramics, which helps to reduce skin irritation, come equipped with massagers and accessories for different areas of the body.

Advantages of electric hair removal 

  • The results are instantaneous and quite durable if we compare it with shaving.
  • In the long run it is economical, you save the cost of having to go every month to your aesthetic centre to get the wax.
  • With electric hair removal you make a disbursement at the beginning, in addition, some brands are quite affordable and you have an epilator for two or three years.
  • Another of its advantages is that you should not wait to have long hair to use it, contrary to the wax, which must have a certain length of hair to make it, with electric hair removers this is not necessary because they are able to start up the shorter hairs.
  • You can use it anywhere on your body, there are some that specialize in the most sensitive areas, but most can be used on the face, armpits, bikini line, legs.
  • And another very important, you can do the hair removal at home when you choose, without waiting, you choose the day and the time, therefore, you are gaining time, something very important nowadays.

Tips for hair removal with electric epilator

It may seem that using the electric epilator is very easy and yes, it may be, but we are going to give you some tips on how to make hair removal with epilator less painful. Yes, you read it right. It’s possible.

o          Sensitivity. If epilating hurts you anyway, we recommend that you rub the area with ice cubes before passing the machine. With this you will be able to anesthetize the area and the sensation of pulling the hair will not be noticed as much. Above all you should not do it if you have shaved recently with a blade because the area will remain sensitive.

o          Tense your skin: It is easy and simple but very effective. With the free hand you tighten the skin a little and you will notice less of the pull produced.

o          Wrong Way : It is important to shave in the opposite direction in which it grows, that is, the hair usually grows from top to bottom, because you will have to shave backwards, from bottom to top so that the clipper can adhere well to the hair and pluck it.

o          Clean it well : It is important that when you finish epilating clean the epilator well so that its operation, when you use it again later, is the right one. Also, you should never share it since its use is very personal.

o          Attention in the armpits : If you are going to shave your armpits with an electric epilator, keep in mind that in that area the hair grows in different directions. Therefore, you will have to review it well in different ways.

Hair removal tips with electric epilator machine

Here we give you a series of tips to make your skin look perfect after epilating with an electric epilator. Take note because they are important and will make your skin recover better.

o          Do not put yourself in the sun. You must wait at least 24 hours before putting yourself in the sun after shaving. Keep in mind that in each hair removal, whatever the method, the skin suffers a lot and is much more sensitive to external effects. So, if you are thinking about shaving to go to the beach or the pool, do it one day in advance!

o          Choose Correct length So that the hair is removed correctly and you achieve a perfect hair removal with electric epilator, you have to take into account that the hair length must have at least three millimetres in length. This way it will not cut it but will eliminate it at the root.

Let us advise you when buying an electric epilator

It is important that you consider your needs when buying an epilator . There are many brands and each of them has different options and accessories so do not rush and choose well. Think of the areas that you want to shave with her to have the necessary heads and trust reputable brands that give you a certain guarantee of purchase. You will see how in the long run you will appreciate having spent a little more money if the result is much better and you have an epilator practically forever. Move to the electric epilator, you will not regret it!

In short, hair removal with electric epilator always carries positive connotations for the person who uses it. Therefore, if you are thinking of finding an effective method to shave, economic and durable, get a good machine can save you from more than one hurry.

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